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The Guide to Improving Our World

Are you tired of the self-serving lies and propaganda fed to you by politicians, clergy, and mass media? Do you have the courage to receive the truth? If so, you'll find it here in clear and simple terms.

You'll learn how to achieve greater personal strength, security, peace, and success.
You'll also learn about the world's biggest problems, their underlying causes, and their practical solutions.
The three-page guide is easy to understand, but it's very condensed — so it may take time to read. It begins with personal development because individuals form society.

Are you ready to improve yourself and our world?

Personal Development
Improve yourself by developing your intellect and your emotional intelligence. Your current and stored thoughts impact every cell, atom, emotion, and action of your being. They also form much of your identity. You have powers to...

Government Reform
Improve government by progressively conducting new experiments in it. Two-thirds of the world’s people are governed by experiments in democracy. Since many of them began, societies changed in major ways...
Economic Justice
Reduce the extremes of wealth and poverty to improve society's security. Of the world's population, the richest 1% own 46% of the world’s assets, and the poorest 50% own 1%...

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Dates of Publication: 21.03.2003 to 02.09.2014

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