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 Guide to Developing Individuals and Society

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Personal Development. Personal development begins with your thoughts. Your current and stored thoughts impact every cell, atom, emotion, and action of your being. They also form much of your identity. You control the thoughts you seek, receive, store, recall, act on, avoid, block, and forget. Selectively program your attitudes, emotions, and actions to occur automatically by... Use your thoughts to control the intensity, duration, and expression of your emotions; there is an appropriate time and place for almost everything... Avoid unhealthy programming such as that which is sad, scary, angry, and violent... Avoid entities that limit people's freedom to learn from all sources. Avoid giving unquestioning obedience... Have courage to question everything. Especially question entities that benefit from limiting questioning by others... Independently investigate. Think for yourself... Be able to consider something without necessarily accepting it. Have an open mind... Use facts and reason to reach conclusions. Avoid believing the unproven is fact... Learn from diverse sources. Assess any bias... Practice the Golden Rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated... Do not sin; the only sin is to needlessly harm others or yourself... Obey government laws of your location.


Reforming Government. Two-thirds of the world's people are governed by experiments in democracy. Since many of the experiments began, societies changed in major ways due to the: rapid advance of science and technology; fast growth of overpopulation in some areas; vast increase in globalization and its redistribution of jobs and wealth; rapid increase in concentrations of extreme wealth; and growth of mass media's power... Many democracies did not advance as they adapted to these changes. Instead, some degenerated into forms of despotism, such as corporatocracy and plutocracy... Some democracies are degenerating into police states to deal with growing social problems. This usually starts with increasing government powers of surveillance and law enforcement, along with reducing people's rights and freedoms... Use your legal rights and freedoms to improve government. This includes questioning, learning...  Improve government by progressively conducting new experiments in it. When possible, conduct the new experiments first at local levels, and progressively conduct experiments in the most successful of these at higher levels. In some of the experiments: Require term limits for more offices. Use random selection as part of the process to choose representatives...


Reducing Poverty. Poverty increases the likelihood of hunger, disease, emigration, crime, and revolution... Much poverty is caused by overpopulation, which is mainly the result of ideologies against voluntary, preventive, birth control (VPBC). Overpopulation is also the result of parents producing many children for financial support during old age, in many developing countries... To reduce poverty: Increase awareness of the impacts of overpopulation. Improve awareness, safety, effectiveness, affordability, and availability of VPBC. Reduce the need to produce many children per family by improving healthcare (to reduce child mortality) and by increasing opportunities for education and employment (to increase financial security)... At times poverty is reduced by the redistribution of jobs and wealth. During the last few decades, over 1 billion people were lifted out of extreme poverty... Overpopulation benefits: Governments and religions that gain more people who give them wealth and power, including more who are desperate enough to give unquestioning obedience. Businesses that gain cheaper labor and bigger markets. Entities that gain from social unrest and war, such as top members of some governments, religions, banks, military industries, and news agencies.